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the new year chimes

like a cracked and destitute

liberty bell…

my soul rises on fire…

I am ready to bake

my god damned cake…

i’m ready to eat pussy

and pick fruit…

firecrackers and gunshots

sing sultry songs…

the bayous swoon…

music plays out loud…


handsome beats…

time don’t stop,

for me….


Eternity… a poem.

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Spiritual
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It was there

by the golden shore

with God’s fine light

casting long shadows

across my nearly endless foreheadIMG_9121

that I became overwhelmed

by the prospect

of eternity.

The full weight of it

hit me with a force

equal to or greater than

the Vatican’s vast darkness.

I thought to myself,

“Holy shit, man! ¬†You are doomed

to meander this twisted realm

for a long time to come!”

And then, with blood pumping in my veins,

I sauntered off…

into my fate.