Meat, Potatoes and Kimchee…

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Meat, potatoes and Kimchee…  

That’s right.  I used to make this dinner like three times a week.  I had a good deer supply at the time and I had grown a bumper crop of potatoes that were delicious.  At the store I would get an all natural Kimchee brand with some ladies face on it.  I really can’t remember her name but her Kimchee was delicious.  Just cabbage, ginger, garlic, hot peppers, sea salt, water and time, not the herb.  It is a partially fermented food and is a digestive aid and general immune/well being booster that rules with deer meat and potatoes.  There is something about this combination that just fits perfectly.  I like to either sear or grill my meat rare to medium rare.  I usually use olive oil or butter, though pig fat, bear fat, or coconut oil will do fine.  I lightly season it with sea salt and maybe some dried herbs and maybe a little lemon fresh squeezed, lightly, over it.  I cook the meat last as the potatoes are finishing.  And deer meat isn’t necessary, use what you got, what you like and get high quality, well treated animals if you can.  Wild seems the best to me as the animal was a free being.  We all go in the end, eat with some awareness. For potatoes I do this.  I cut them into small pieces.  I get an iron pan hot and add a decent amount of olive oil, or any of the other before mentioned fats.  I throw my potatoes in as they get cut.  By the time I have them all in it is usually time for the first “flipping.”  They should be getting golden brown by this time.  I then let them sit again for a while until they get a bit browned.  I usually add some more oil in the middle of the time and sometimes I lower the flame just a bit though I do like to keep it relatively high.  It takes some time for them all to get cooked, depending on how many you decided to make.  I lightly season them as well with an herb or two of your choice and sea salt to liking.  Once they are 3/4’s done I heat a pan for the meat.  Cook it right and not too long!  I prefer more tender cuts for this, deer loin is perfect, though a butt steak will work fine too, especially if from a younger animal.  Once both are ready I turn off the flames and get my plates.  In the picture I have them in three little piles, the potatoes, the kimchee and the meat.  It is also good to put the potatoes down first, then the meat and then some kimchee on top of that.  The real deliciousness of this meal is the combination of flavors that come through once they have all melded.  It is divine.  Kimchee is also very easy to produce on your own and always better homemade especially if done with the highest quality, fresh ingredients.  I’ve done another article on pickling jalapenos and the process is very similar for kimchee though you use different vegetal ingredients.  I thought a restaurant that served variations on Meat, Kimchee and Potatoes would be a great success, or even a food truck.  Give it a try and let me know what your thoughts are.  I have become an avid fan!  Bon Apetit.

  1. sarasinart says:

    Interesting, except the venison is really rare. Hope you are doing well!

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