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Dissolved.  Dissected.  Disseminated.  The people have reacted.  Or have they?  Long lines stretch through once blue skies.  These lines spread like blankets, hazy strings of thread, sifting down through the planet’s atmosphere… settling.  But what has settled?  Whom has settled?  The people or the lines?  They have both settled.  They are both settling.  Mediocrity and even less is what we have settled for, is what we are settling for.  Like rats in a laboratory but without strong excuses, we have settled.  As long as our feeding tray is full, as long as the treats are provided, as long as the mind can be consumed in billions of seemingly futile transactions, we will settle…

The sun rises and shines like it always has.  The birds sing their songs though many of their tribes have been depleted.  The trees, the flowers and the plants?   They continue to give tirelessly, offering the salvation that our religions have never been able to deliver.  It is all still right here, all we need.  All is well.  Our time is now.  Our sanctuary is alive but we the people seem to be sick, spiritually and otherwise. So many are sick, our spirits scorned.  The veil is thick, our missions so easy to release, to forget, to place at the bottom of the endless list of to do’s.  Fortunately, dignity is at risk.  Fortunately true love and strength, vitality and humanity are at risk.  How can we give them away for such paltry exchange, such worthless trinkets and garbage.  It verges on sad, but only for a moment.  A smile eases across my face as I recall that this physicality is only one realm.  Constant change and flux is the norm, I am a cosmic warrior, not a fighter, I am a lover.


This ruthless culture will not last, no, another is being created as we speak.  Love rises in my heart as I release all the blame, the judgment and the seething grimness of condemnation!  It has been my sickness.  I, too, rise like the sun, for it is my father!  I feel his warmth and grow like the Earth, my mother.  I am forever.

And so are you….