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     My son does a lot of homework these days.  He goes to school five days a week, seven hours a day.  That’s more than I work, by choice.  What is the homework for?  Sure, I can see the occasional necessity to get something extra done, to research, or read at home.  But what’s with all the math problems, Spanish assignments and science labs?  Isn’t school enough?  He works hard when he’s there.  Do schools feel like they are more academically rigorous, more acceptable, more respected when they have large homework loads?  Do they need to give homework to be respected? What’s the big hurry and what is so much better about more work? Are we just obsessed with work in general?  What about relaxation, family time and doing whatever the hell you want to do for a while?  Why aren’t these things promoted as a part of education?  I don’t get it.  Complete busyness(read BUSINESS) gets respect and kudos from all the talking heads.  Relaxation, family time and peace get dissed.  If education is supposed to educate, I think it needs to be more fairly balanced with enjoyment of life, with exploration of yourself and what you are naturally inclined to do, not just how you respond to direct orders from overlords and professors.  I think it’s time to demand more free time from those who are preparing our children for sixty plus hour work weeks, late retirements and diminishing wages. I think it’s time to reclaim our workweeks as well and make them work for us and our families. Homework and even school in general are over rated and they are what prepare our young for the supposed real world.  Who created this real world?  We have submitted to it, it’s on us that we didn’t see this coming. It seems very few agree with how the real world now functions, so why do we still go along?  In most cases work and school are just for preparing to make money, not for passion and love.  Humanity is struggling in so many ways.  Most people have nearly nothing at all and work all of the time, huge numbers are depressed and unhealthy, and less and less are satisfied with how and why they are living.  Highly “educated” people run this world, they run countries, corporations and so on.  Is education really doing it’s job?  Or is it a way for governments and corporations to get willing workers and nothing more?  What does education mean to you?  Education for me teaches one to live a satisfied, healthy, happy, balanced life in accordance with ones values and ideals.  It teaches people to think for themselves and to live in dignity.  I see our current system as doing nothing close to this.  The system we have now creates dependence, insecurity, isolation and stress.  It starts early.  Homework is a part of this mindless indoctrination.  I am calling for an end to homework in school.  In the future I may further that call to include an end to school in general. That is far too radical for this moment so right now I am only calling for  an end to homework.  I think the kids would be pleased with this and it may give them some time to get a better clue as to who they are and how they would like to spend their time in this world.  They are our future, they need some time, some peace, some relaxation and space so that they may begin to ponder solutions as to how they will fix the mess we’ve put this world, and them, into.