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My music…

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Music and lyrics I have composed over the years… Please press like if you do find yourself moving to the grooves…  Thank you and pass it around!


The Spirit World

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Spiritual

My son Sycamore…

Last night my son, who is 12, taught me how to journey to the underworld to seek advice from my spirit guides.  Sound interesting?  It certainly is.  He has occasionally described to me the process and how he does it and the messages he receives there.  The wisdom that he brings back is as astounding as the visual imagery that accompanies it.  His way of doing this is to lie down, I don’t know if the room needs to be dark, but last night we did it that way, the whole family, him, me, my partner Helen and my daughter Josie, who is also well practiced in this.   After lying down he begins to breathe slowly and deeply, relaxing as he goes.  Once relaxed he pictures this place we used to live by, a beautiful creek bed beneath a large granite cliff.  The creek has many holes in it’s bed that lead underground, some quite big, lined with roots and rocks above a flowing underground stream.  This is where he mentally enters the Earth and journeys beneath to the spirit world.  His mother does this too, and taught the kids.  She always goes beneath ground to a subway station, enters a train and then is let out where she needs to be.  Once in the hole he says that he usually sees a bridge, last night he said it was fuzzy and that it kept falling apart as he crossed it.  Once across he is usually met by a red dragon, one of his main spirit guides, who comes and picks him up and flies him around.  He asks questions of this dragon and the dragon answers them.  He has been in turmoil lately, as much is changing in his world right now, and when he asked last night what was going on with him the dragon replied, under a volley of arrows towards them from the ground, that he was at war with himself and angry about many things in his past.  They continued to fly about and he was given other instructions and guidance.  He has done this many times, and as I said, I am always amazed at the wisdom and beauty of the advice he receives, it is astounding.  This was my first time so I went through the motions, lying down, breathing, relaxing and then I went to his hole in the same creek bed.  As much as I tried I was unable to enter.  I went instead to what seemed like New York City where I pictured myself walking down stairs to a subway station but there again, even after entering trains, I was unable to get anywhere.  Back up on the streets I saw a manhole and went to it and it swallowed me.  Beneath the ground things were blurry as I looked around, but I heard a voice.  In front of me was an Indian brave, I have always felt kinship with the original peoples of this continent, and he was ready for my questions.  I asked him where it was wise to move to, as we are looking to move from Virginia, and he stated that I was not yet finished here, that there were a couple of important things yet to happen before that move could truly be set in motion.  My family, who also lives here, my mother and father and my sister and her family, are moving back to California where we originally came from and I asked the Indian if that was a good move.  He said it was as it was but that my family had illusions about California that they were chasing and that the reality may not be what they expect.  I also asked about my knee, which has been injured and compromised since hurting it last fall playing soccer, and why it was not getting much better.  He told me that once I truly walked in strength upon my own two feet that it would at once be healed.  He said that I am close but that many family matters have kept me from the true manhood I have desired and from the true level of satisfaction in my professional and creative endeavors.  It rang true.  I wanted to ask him a couple questions about the global and national state of affairs, mainly things about heavy legislation that has recently been passed in the USA severely empowering the government and undermining liberty.  When I began to ask this I was spit out of the manhole so to speak and found myself above ground on the street.  I looked down to the manhole and tried to repeat my questions but to no avail, the session was over.  I opened my eyes and then we all began to tell what had gone on for us. We each had somewhat profound and enlightening experiences.  History is filled with tales of such things, especially amongst the more Earth based cultures.  Truly, many answers do seem to be within.  I am amazed that at 43 years old my 12 year old son has brought this to me.  He goes to his place when life is heavy and he is confused and needing guidance, he looks to himself and those who support him from other realms.  Whatever your upbringing or religious bend, imagine having yourself as a pillar to lean on in this ever tumultuous uncertain world.  The process for accessing it is as simple as stated above and with practice, as my son states, it gets richer and richer, more familiar.  There are precautions and it is good to ask for protection and it is also wise to be thankful, to give gratitude for the answers given.  I am at the beginning of this practice but certainly look forward to accessing it more and more in an effort to be the best man, father, partner, human being I can be.  In this time of relying on outside sources for so much, it is brave and interesting people who go within first to solve their issues.   Of course sharing with your family and close community is also wise.  It seems in this day and age it would be beneficial for us to do this kind of practice in all avenues: health, nutrition, finance, conflict, child rearing, etc, as the powers that be are proving to be less and less reliable.  So be it, may we all find peace and empowerment in our sacred lives upon this glorious Earth!!

Changing Tides

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The times they are a changing for me.  So much is in flux, up in the air, difficult to perceive, and challenging to sit in peace with.  For much of my life the unknown has enthralled me, been my go to, my everything is possible.  Lately it has been scaring me and I don’t like that.  Usually I wouldn’t admit this, but I feel it is better to state and release rather than to give it power by letting it sit secretly in my psyche.  I feel a chapter is ending and something new beginning, my only problem is I am seemingly, or in my thinking, between the two.  I am ready for the one to die and the next to be fully begun.  How is it that I can change the unknown back into my friend, my possibility?  I am not sure as of yet, it is a challenge, a mental challenge requiring perseverence and wisdom over fear and worry.  I wrote a prayer this morning on this same site in regards to this dilemma, a note to God in order to speak directly to the creator about it, partly apologizing for my doubt and insecurity, partly in order to ask for what I really want.  Interestingly it was sucked into the ether and deleted accidentally when I went to post it, maybe it was intended to do that, or supposed to be just a prayer.  I am glad it went but also felt like crying at it’s disappearance.  The last month or so I have been rehashing my life, looking over it, reassessing it and taking a hard, somewhat cold look at myself.  I am proud of much, I have two beautiful children, a gorgeous and loving partner, my health and many friends and aquaintances.  What I don’t have are things of our material culture, money, I have a little, property, belongings, not many, which is my preference.  I have been missing, at 43 years of age, the recognition of my community, the fruits of my labor and dedication.  This is all mental really, because I have played my role well, not many would know I do feel like this sometimes.  I have lived by my own set of rules, for better or worse.  I have never and still don’t believe in our materialistic culture and am much more drawn to the Indigenous cultures of the past, the Earth cultures.  Right now I am trying to believe, wanting to believe, that the next steps of my progress are on their way.  As of this moment I am a waiter.   I bring people food.  I am working in a place I have been for five years now and it no longer feeds me.  I am grateful for the work, but the energy is gone, it lacks heart.  The people there have changed, many have come and gone, and I feel I missed the train out.  I am ready for depth in my work, ready for a lifestyle in which I use more of myself, my creativity, my wisdom and integrate it all into my life.   The unknown lies before me and I want to face it with excitement and bravado, not fear and doubt.  The current state of affairs in the United States has been a big piece of my doubt and fear.  Many strange laws have been passed recently, many lies told, much wealth, hope and prosperity have been lost, many have died at our hands over the last ten years, and before.   I realize that this is, in a sense, a way of seeing, that my own personal power and vision can change, alter and direct this in different ways, but in my humble and scared state, it all has appeared larger than life.  Having children is definitely a big piece of this, as I want them to have a world in which they can believe, a future to look forward to, and right now, that is hard to see.  My woman told me well yesterday that what is unknown holds all possibilities, miracles can be right around the corner, that the unknown is security, my insurance, my way forward.  It is best she states to stay in good ways with all people, with the Creator, and to forge ahead believing all is taken care of.  Of course action is required.  So, as I go forward from here into my family’s collective future, looking to make big changes, I am stating here that I will do my damndest to press forward secure in the fact that my place in this world is magical and sacred, that I am a strong sentient being doing the work I came to do.  This is true, I know it is, now I must allow myself to feel and believe it.  Wish me luck!   I wish it for you!